Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hello Reader,

How's your week coming along? Hope great! It's only Tuesday and mine is as hectic as can be. I have three major quizzes and a Bio exam on Thursday so imagine all the reading I have to do. Yeah...a lot of reading, and this does not include my regular everyday reading. My regular everyday reading involves doing blog-rounds, scanning the dailies to keep up with the ever changing world, and then my advertising industry journals. Talk about major information overload!

It gets exhausting sometimes trying to keep up with it all, and I wonder how do other people do it? How do you do it? How do you cope with all the information that is constantly being thrown at you? I understand that it is humanly impossible to read it all, and you've got to prioritize but then its almost as if each one is just as important, and you don't want to miss out, and then be in the uninformed category.

Every where I look, people are consuming information in one form or another. Constantly glued to the Berry's, Iphones, TV screens, Internet, chatting with colleagues, strangers on the bus...all the while being bombarded with news, details, stories and happenings both past and present. It is the age of information overload...and I'm just curious as to how you handle it? What do you read? What's important to you and what isn't (in regards to information)?

I can't be the only one feeling slightly overwhelmed with it all...so share your story.

PS: Got a Marketing Internship position at a company downtown. Start in a week, and I'm excited to hit the ground running. Though, I'm not exactly 100% sure what and what I'm going to be handling, I'll get my full break-down on my start day. Still hoping for summer position at Young & Rubicam, or DraftFCB since my main area of interest is account management. Will keep you posted.

Have a great week ahead, and continue to be the BEST you can be.

Ms. Yvonne!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Good or Bad, Make the Call.

Hello Reader,

It's been a while since I stopped by, and I do apologize for the indefinite absence. A lot has happened, and is happening. So as you all know this is the period for hunting; summer internship hunting I mean, and boy has it been tough! If you take a look at my sent folder in my e-mail, you'll think I was a stalker. I have lost count of how many internship openings and companies I have applied to in the past month.

Initially I was started of looking for advertising internship positions since my focus is account management, but when I realized that I kept seeing PR openings I had to keep an open mind and apply for those too. Afterall my major is advertising and PR. So far, I've had about four interviews out of which two promised to call the next week with their decision. Its been two weeks and neither companies have called.

Now, I don't have a problem with rejection. I do understand that the job market is pretty competitive and agressive right now, and I do understand that they may have found a more qualified candidate for the position. But for crying out loud, please have the courtesy to call or e-mail, and say thanks, but we went with someone else. This way, I too can cross the company off my list and focus on others and continue with my search. I am almost tempted to ask why they couldn't simply do this, but I dnt want to come off as an upset or disturbed applicant...so I'll let go, and move on.

Regardless, the hunt continues and I remain positive that in due time I'll get a call-back.
I'll do my best to keep you posted.
In the mean time have a great weekend, and pls DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE!!!