Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hello Me Darlings...

How's everyone doing?! Hope your week has gotten off to a great start! The past couple of weeks have been busy, great and an emotional roller coaster for me. It's been a month since I began working at my job, and so far so good. I love my team. They are patient with explaining things to me, guiding me through and showing me the ropes. I also am grateful for downtime on the job that gives me time to take care of my side PR gig.

I recently signed a new client...yay me! Her name is Carolyne, if you haven't already, listen to her just released single here . So far she has about 2,500+ views on You Tube, and I can't wait for her to release new tracks and for people to get to know her and like her music too. So, I officially have two clients whose PR I handle...Yesi and Carolyne.
In addition to my PR gig, I recently just got offered another gig that offers me the opportunity for my voice to be heard :) I can't wait to share the news with you all, but I am excited and looking forward to delivering 110%!

A 9 -5, and two side gigs, best believe this young-lady is busy and productive and I'm not complaining! The other day my friend tweeted something that I agreed with. It had to do with realizing how blessed we truly are, and I couldn't agree more. Lately, I've been on the edge, worrying about things that I wish would fall into place asap, but unfortunately no matter how much I worry, nothing's going to change now. I've been losing my temper over tiniest things and just having mood swings all over the place. All this while forgetting about all the good things already happening in my life. I mean, it could be bad real bad Michael Jackson, but it's not. And for that I am grateful. So this week, I'm going to pick one thing everyday for which/whom I am grateful for and just focus on that. I hope you all can do the same and find joy and fulfillment in it.

Here are a few songs that helped in reminding me how truly blessed I am. Enjoy, and have a blessed week ahead me darlings.

PS: You can find me on Twitter @MissUnubunPR

Have a grateful rest of the week guys!

Hugs & Kisses,
Ms. Yvonne.

Monday, March 21, 2011

You’re Hired!

Like every college graduate, the idea of graduating from college is one that is filled with mixed feelings. Of course there is the great joy and excitement of being done with the college phase of one's life, and then there's the reality of the unexciting job market that awaits. For anyone about to graduate, my advice for you is to prepare yourself for job hunt/search phase, and develop a thick skin to handle the rejection emails (that's if you even receive any).

I say this because the wait time between graduation and hearing "You're hired!" varies.

The above article although from last year, still paints a good picture of what the job hunt process is like, but like I said the transition process from student to professional varies. It is shorter for some, and for some, just too long. But take it from a fellow recent graduate who just got hired, there is hope! My advice, maximize every opportunity – LinkedIn, Twitter, networking events, alumni, etc… keep sending out those resumes/cover letters. And lastly, don't take the rejection to heart or make it personal. I remember when I wasn't getting responses to my applications; I began to wonder if something was wrong with me. What wasn't I doing right? Am I not good enough? The reality is it has nothing to do with me or you; it's just a very competitive market at the moment, with limited openings.

I interviewed twice for my current job, and I lost track of how many interviews I had been to and I stopped counting how many applications I had sent out by thirty.

Its week two at my new job (digital agency), and I love it here already. I wish everyone out there looking for a job, or an internship all the very best!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me and I'll be more than willing to chat and answer your questions.

Hang in there and keep going!



Yvonne. J