Saturday, November 7, 2009

Goal: To Stand Out

This spring semester has been hectic! From mid-terms, to group projects, individual projects, internship search, networking events, my part-time job and so on, it has been mad busy. But hey, if it wasn't then it won't be college and it won't be Ad & PR right?

If I were to describe the focal point of this semester so far, I'd say its all about BRANDING. Creating a personal brand for ourselves as individuals soon to venture into the world of Ad & PR. Finding ways to set us apart from the competition, and from every other person out there. As part of our branding process, we were required by our Prof. to create our own business cards.

Business cards are little reminders we of ourselves that we leave with people to remind them of who we are, what we do, and where we can be found or reached. And due to the fact that people received loads of business cards, you want a card that stands out from the pack rather than blends in. So, while creating my business card on I initially opted for a layout with a white background and light-purple flowers on the side. But then I did a little research (googled) to see what kind of business cards stood out to people, and what made certain cards more memorable than others.

My search brought me to a blog titled "Hello My Name Is Blog", in which the owner (Scott) talks about ways in which you business card can stand out. Few of the points he mentioned are:
- Using bold colors as opposed to the generic white background.
- Adding a picture to help people remember who you are, and place a face to the name
- Being creative with the design
- Using a vertical arrangement instead of the traditional horizontal layout
- Going for quality, rather than really cheap and
- Simple is always classy; having an over-crowded business card defeats the purpose.

Will let you see my card when it arrives. In the mean-time, I'm on an internship hunt...desperately searching for a Spring 2010 opening at any New York, advertising agency or PR Firm. In this industry, an internship is a great way to get your foot in, and I hope to do just that.

Wish me luck!!!

Talk to you soon,
Ms. Yvonne.

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Just...Toluwa said...

Hey Yv....didn't know u blogged. Good luck on internships and about trying sonybmg ad and pr dept.