Friday, May 7, 2010

The Internship Hunt

Hello there!

It's been about a month since I stopped by...and not so much has happened between then and now.
The semester is coming to an end...two presentations and one exam to go, and Spring 2010 will be over. It has been a tough semester/Q1 not because of my course load, but because of the job/internship search.

I'm sure I've said this before, but I'll say it again...It is TOUGH out there. I cannot count how many applications, resumes and cover letters I filled and sent out. I went on about 8-9 interviews, got a temp gig as a marketing intern with a software company downtown...this gig ends next month, and still yet no call backs from anyone for the summer. Being jobless and bored was not part of my plan.

The part that disappoints me the most is the lack of courtesy by these companies in sending out an e-mail to say sorry but we decided to go with someone else. Rejection hurts but total silence is just frustrating. I understand they get applications in the hundreds, but after sending an email saying you are amongst the finalists being considered, I think its only fair to let a candidate know what your final decision is...good or bad. *sigh*

Well, I guess life isn't fair so these things happen but it doesn't make it right. Been scouring the web, and craigslist to find any last minute summer openings but nothing that seems to appear interesting or challenging to me. As Senior, I want a position where I can learn something that is helpful to me and my advertising career. I dnt want to graduate from college, get into the real world be like deer in head-lights. I want a challenging experience.

I registered to take one summer class, at least something to keep me busy just incase nothing works out. But I remain positive,(or at least I try to) and continue to look and hope that what's mine will come my way. I'm a Nigerian and a New Yorker and if there's one thing we don't do...we do not QUIT. Wake up everyday and keep going, keep pursuing that dream and make it a reality.

Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's day weekend.
Thank you to all the wonderful Mother's out there!

Talk to you soon,
Ms. Yvonne.


blogoratti said...

Don't quit...something great might just be waiting for you on the horizon.
Keep chasing those dreams...Have yourself a beautiful weekend-mother's day and all!

Ms. Yvonne said...

Thanks...I'm hangin' in there.

Juanita said...

lol I completely forgot about mother's day..naughty me.
Everything Blogoratti said too.Best of luck in your exams and presentation.

Patience Virtue said...

Sweety I can understand the frustration....

But remember one thing: The race is not for the swift neither does the battle belong to the strong but TIME and CHANCE happens to them all...

Don't worry you will be fine as long as God lives...

Happy Birthday sweety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!