Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Update

Hello there...

It's been months! And I sincerely apologize for staying away, but come to think about it, readership is rather non-existent so I guess my absence wasn't noticed.

Anyways, let me give you a quick update/rundown of what has been happening at this end.

School began in late August, and seeing as this is my last semester I had expected the work-load to be really light but the opposite is the case. My senior thesis, which is a workshop class in which we are split into teams of 5 members and work with an actual client is kicking my behind seriously! There's so much work to be done. Conducting research, surveys, compiling the data, writing analysis papers, putting together an ad campaign and a PR campaign to support, hosting an event on campus and then finally evaluation. All of this in addition to my three other classes, a 16hour internship and a side PR gig. *phew*

The last time I remember being this busy, was when I had two part-time jobs and worked six days a week, and that was over three years ago. But I'm not complaining because being busy gives me very little time for my thoughts to wander, or for me to worry about trivial things or even really big things like finding a job after graduation. Also, being busy is forcing me to learn to manage my time wisely and learn how to prioritize projects.

My internship experience has been ok so far. I am currently interning at Y&R, which is an advertising agency here in NY. It is great to finally match things I've heard in the classroom and read in books with the hands-on experience. As I write this post, I am currently at my client's photo-shoot. Interesting you think? Sure, especially when the shoot is centered around bread and crackers! Who would have thought it took an army to shoot ads for food items. We have the photographer, the props manager and food stylists, who have picked out the perfect looking crackers and placed them piece by piece in bowls to look all purrty for their shoot. Great experience today has been. I look forward to the remaining seven weeks of my internship, and I am praying that towards the end of it there's an opening for a full-time position *fingers crossed*

During the final days of the summer, I picked up a PR side gig for a Nigerian artist by the name of Yesi. And so far so good. I have to say the entertainment industry is definitely a tough one, especially for people who are still trying to work their way up and get exposure. Everyone wants to know what they can get out of you, and they want to milk you for as much as they can. People forget that for upcoming artists who haven't began to land paid gigs and shows, things are hard. They can barely afford to pay for studio time not to talk of paying to perform. What happened to wanting to support them and giving them an opportunity so that when they finally make it, they can return the favor. But hey, what do I know. I'll keep doing my little bit to help get him featured here and there; though that in itself is another fete! All in all I'm loving my job.

So folks, that's about it for now. Wish me luck with everything! Till when next I update, have a wonderful week ahead and continue to be the best you can be.

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Ms. Yvonne.


Anonymous said...

Aaaw good luck with all that :) See your readership may not be as low as you thought ;)
Nogo xx

Just...Toluwa said...

congrats on ur side gig...u ryt, entertainment, esp music is quite hard for newbies.

U have readers...nt just commentators. cos sumtimes i might read on my fone and nt be able to comment.

in my masters prog and i feel u on that school behind has been seriously whooped! hehehe!

seye said...

Interning at an ad agency! I like!

Never heard of Yesi though. So let your publicity start!